Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ow this burns.

I have some type of cut thing inside my bottom lip... so I'm putting salt on it.

Ow ow ow!!!


Have you ever noticed people never live up to our imagination? Oh, I know you do it too, don't try to pretend you don't. You meet someone, and then you develop in your mind all sorts of things that they are or aren't. Sometimes it's true, but usually we're 100% off the mark.

And it can be dangerous, too. Well the worst example would be a con artist. But I was thinking more along the lines of just normal life. Let's say you meet some boy (or girl) that you think is pretty cute... so this person smiles at you and you get all butterfly-like in your tummy. Well, they say hi, or maybe they don't. You say hi back, but you don't get up the nerve to say anything more than that.

You go home that night and start to think about this person... they're nice, they're polite. They listen to you and laugh at all your jokes and you have the best time. He (or she) confides in you, tells you of his(her) hopes and dreams. Maybe your story has a different twist to it. That all depends on who YOU are. But we all do it.

Then we meet the person and actually get to know them and you know what? They're nothing at all like we thought they would be. It depends on how much our experience is in these things, but usually we're crushed. Or very disillusioned, at least. We think to ourselves "well I wasn't right about this trivial detail, so (s)he must not be a good person at ALL!"

But if we're doing good, that's not how we feel. Or think anyways. We realize that hey, they're people too. My imaginary person doesn't mean that's who that person REALLY is. When we can understand and accept that, and then learn to appreciate people for who they are and their strengths, THEN we're on the right relationship track. I lump any type of relationship together; friend, more than friend, enemy... all of those are relationships.

Learn who people are and care about them for who they are, not who you want them to be... and you'll be OK.

-Personal Experiences. Trust me.


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