Sunday, February 04, 2007

So today I had my first encounter with the Archos Gmini 402 Camcorder. I was fairly impressed with what I saw. So I looked it up online and found some specs... the only thing that makes me sad is they don't have an expandable SD slot like the Neruos (discontinued) 442 had.


I really liked the Neruos product.

So it's bizarre...

Have you ever noticed how some days you can just be oh so miserable... and then you just see someone or talk to them on the phone and WHEEE! It's like you just took a handful of happy?

I wonder exactly what that is? Scientific? Spiritual? Insanity? Infatuation? Love? All of the above?

Who knows? But it sure is nice when it happens to you.

It's even more delightful when you don't really expect anything or there aren't any expectations of you... it just happens and you enjoy it.

Also, if I wanted to get crazy and start ANOTHER hobby, I could try my hand at making an AMV... but I don't think I really have time to do that... yet.

I'm sad... a sad strange little man.

Well.. actually I'm pretty happy today, but that's another story :-P



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