Sunday, February 04, 2007

Okay... so I'm pretty darn happy right now ^_^

except I need to be asleep here soon. But that's not have anything to do with why I'm so happy.

Let's just say I got a really nice surprise today.

Gunslinger Girl is (to date) my favourite anime. I haven't read any of the Manga, but it would probably be a close tie with Megatokyo.

One of the best "I'm not very happy" songs is by the Plain White T's - Take Me Away. It's especially good for a breakup. Anyway, so if you add two of my favourite things together, made by one of my favourite people, you get favourite^3. And that, my friends, rocks my socks off.

I'm probably gonna go to sleep happy tonight.

To that someone (and you know who you are), thanks.

Times a million.


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