Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why is my stomach in knots?
Why do I feel like puking
whenever I talk to her?

Online, I feel that way
On the phone, it's not the same.

Every time I talk to her,
I feel the same way.
Like I ran into a pole,
that hit me in my gut.

My muscles tighten,
my throat constricts,
and my eyes begin to burn.

And then thoughts begin to run through my head.
Is it me?
Did I hurt?
Is she afraid of what I will do?

Would I be better off dead?
Do I really care anymore?
Is that why it hurts?
Because my love for her has gone away?
Because I know that we'll never have what I thought we had?

And every time we talk, I just get like this.
Weepy, mopey... just totally blah.



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