Sunday, March 18, 2007

Post 300!!! w00t!

And guess what!

I got shot!

Okay, Not really. But in my dream I did. It was totally bizarro. Me and some other guy were at this house and for some reason some guy came in, he shot us both in the hands I think and I believe I got shot in the side as well. But he didn't hit anything vital, although it hurt like a *somethingsomething*. Well that guy left, and then me and this other guy were walking home, and I saw this girl who lives across the street from me. I think she said she was pondering or something. When asked what, she said "live, love, sex..." and a few other things I don't remember. So me and this other guy are gimping home, and she doesn't even notice.

Good job, subconscious, lol.

Then I woke up. And that was the end of my dream. Weird, huh?

Yesterday we went to Best Buy so I could look at some laptops while my dad went to screen some crazies who (probably) tried to kill themselves. Well, after I looked at the laptops I got a little bored and went to go play guitar hero. It was pretty fun. Not very much like playing guitar, but pretty fun.

If I had a ps2, I'd probably get it.

Well anyhoo, I need to shower some time, and brush my teeth, because I can taste my breath, and let me tell you - it would melt metal. Rawr!



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