Friday, March 09, 2007

Okay... if you haven't seen Tuck Everlasting, and you think you might like it, don't read this!

If you really don't care, keep reading.
So I watched Tuck Everlasting yesterday. That movie made me pissed! Why? Because Winnie was (at least in my experience) a typical girlfriend.

I'm sure most people who watched that movie were all "awww, she decided to live life! how cute!"

More like HOW FULL OF SUCK AND A HALF!!! Do you know what she did? That jerk told Jessie she loved him... and rather than spending eternity with him, what did she do? That's right. She left him.

Oh, I'm sorry Tuck, I love you, but really, I love myself and my own life more. I really lied when I said I wanted to be with you forever. I don't think about what I say, I just say it because I think it sounds good and it will make you happy, but really. Yeah, I'm not going to back it up.

Can you tell I'm a little bitter? Hmmm... maybe it shows. Anyways. That pisses me off. And so do most girls (for the exceptions, you know who you are... if you don't know who you are, then you probably need to examine your behaviour). I'm just sick and freaking tired of dealing with all the crap that girls do. Every one of mine - they've been a Winnie. I've loved them... and she said she loved me more than anyone else... but that was a lie. No, they loved me if it was convenient. Or if I fit into their mold. They didn't tell me what their mold was, so I could choose to become that. They just had their mold for me, and oh, you don't fit in it? Well... tough luck. Enjoy THE REST OF ETERNITY without me!

Yeah... so more and more I'm thinking becoming a hermit would be a great idea...

Stupid Winnie's.


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