Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So, you may have thought I was... well I don't know what you thought when I was talking to the three of you. Or seemed pre-occupied. I certainly was that. There were some little 5th grade dramas going on... holy cow. So trying to talk to this girl... yeah, didn't work. And she decided I might be tasty to bite. Or something. Anyway, she bit each wrist... I hope she didn't have rabies.

Lol. Kids... if my kids are like that, I will be severely disappointed.

And don't worry, I won't be like your uncle. Besides, unless you plan on what you were referring to, then I really don't see a reason for me to shave.

And wow... why the heck was H going to tell me that? Or whatever? I mean... seriously? If I wanted, I could just LOOK and hey, I can get a pretty good idea of whatever I wanted to know? Meh... that's just weird. Oh and just FYI - I have a little too much respect for you to do that.

So... if any of this is incoherent or you're just like "WHAT??@!?!?!", I apologize. I'm tired, it was a long night. Also it's been a long day. They were 5th graders - what do you expect? Now I'm hideously tired and I might take a nap before I do ALL THE FREAKING HOMEWORK I HAVE TO DO HOLY COW!!!!

Yeah... ttyl.


Anonymous Allie said...

That's absolutely hilarious. I hate 5th graders...and you'll have to ignore H, she's quite mad.

6:43 PM  

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