Monday, May 14, 2007

Sould I Wait? - Revisited

You should wait until God gives ya' a sign and the girl pulls on your heart strings. You will know.

That sure sounds great... the problem?

There are few people (read girls) that I hate... the rest of them I can/do have some good emotions about.

So how do I discriminate between them? My heart doesn't distinguish much between most girls, so do I rely on my rather shady intellect? My problem there is all the pain I have been caused has kinda got my brain to lock my heart down.

So basically I'm really confused when it comes to all that good stuff and junk :P

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Blogger brandie pingel said...

i like what the last commenter said. and also, when us women may not be the best girlfriends now, we are being prepared to be so. it may take time and or patience. take your time, find something you really have interest in, and will know.
(best words of advice from my mother)

10:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, darling, you will know if you care for them. Think. Sit down and THINK about them. Imagine being married. Or the person sharing children with you. You will know. Would you want to live in the same house as this psycho.
Don't list everything.
<3 <3

8:38 AM  

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