Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First day o' classes!

So... it's my second semester at UCA.

My list of things to do today include

  • Waking up - accomplished!

  • Taking a shower

  • Eating breakfast

  • Making it to my first class (WRTG 1320 - starts at 9:25AM) by 9AM. Maybe earlier

  • Meet a friend that I pretty much haven't seen since last semester, even though she lives in conway and I've been there 3x/week! Darn schedule conflicts!

  • Arrive for my (MATH 1580) class 30 mins early

  • Eat lunch somewhere in there

  • Depending on what's going on with UCA Welcome Week, possibly go have some fun doing something or another

  • Get home safely

  • Get ready for classes tomorrow.

That schedule neither constitutes the entirety of what's goin on for me today, nor what I'll probably end out doing, such as - getting there *ing early to go see financial aid and see about more money... le sigh sigh sigh!

With a 4.0 last semester, you'd think they'd be throwing money at me, eh? I guess I have to wait till after next semester for that!

How's YOUR school coming?

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Anonymous Ashley said...

School Doesn't start for me until Monday. Already my Sylabus have been stressing me out, and I went out last night shopping for materials for my art class. I'm not made of money, my instructors seem to think other wise :(

9:56 AM  

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