Friday, August 24, 2007

No Lab For You!

So there are no lab classes this week. Gee, I wish I would've known that, then after shopping for my books I could've dumped my biology in my car or something. Le Sigh. Oh well, live and learn and hopefully never have another lab! At least science lab. That's my goal, lol. Math should be fun today, and we may or may not have a lecture - another class earlier today in the lecture hall got out with a no-show professor... mmm, my pot pie is done!

Yum. Anyhoo, my professor, Loi Booher, the math one, seems pretty cool, as does Dr. Forssman Hill, my writing professor. Aaand I don't yet know about my biology professor. We'll find that out later today, perhaps.

Well... life is swell, but I have some homework stuff to work on, so I'll yak atcha later.


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