Friday, August 24, 2007

Do you love me?

While I'm here waiting in line at the financial aid, I'll be blogging...

"Do you love me?"
"Do I WHAT?!"
-Tevye and Golde, from Fiddler on the Roof

A legitimate and fairly just question, one would suppose. And one that often arises in various relationships. And just so everyone knows... When I speak of love, I mean it in a rather specific way.

Do you inspire me to be better? Do you trust me? Do you want me to be an integral part of your life? Not just someone you associate with and know, but someone you rely on. Am I someone who would severely impact your life for the worse if I left it?

When I do things that you don't understand, do you strive to understand the why behind the action? Or do you judge me right away?

When I do dumb things, or feel bad about something I've done, do you encourage me to do better and try harder? Or do you tell me that I'm scum and horrible and gee I never should have done that to you/someone/myself.

Do you want our relationship to be stronger? What would you do to develop that relationship?

Do you want to be part of my life?

Are you willing to still be a part of my life, even when I'm doing stupid things? Not to say that you take part part in that stupidity, but that you understand that everyone makes different choices, mistakes even. Do you tell me that while you understand I have agency, you're also making the choice that while I'm doing dumb things, you won't be in my life for those parts, only when I'm trying to do things acceptable to me? That phrase might be a little confusing... but just kinda think about it I guess...

Do you want to do things that I enjoy, and learn my hobbies and interests? Do you learn about things like that on your own time, so when we're together I don't have to teach you, but we can do some of the same things?

There are more things... but they're not on my mind right now... but this is a good starter list.

Do you love me?

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