Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How to Catch a Srilyk

Srilyks are interesting creatures. In order to catch one, there are a few things one needs to do.

The first is you need to be interesting. Many ways of doing that, but you need to find out your own ways. Technology, music, outdoors, a love of learning. Those are some broad topics to get you started.

So then you come to the next part - it's called commitment.

A Srilyk will reciprocate when it comes to commitment levels. If you decide you want to spend an hour a week on Srilyk, he will most likely (if you interest him) spend an hour on you.

The more effort you put into your Srilyk, the more effort he will put into you. And remember, a Srilyk is a sensitive creature, and when shunned, will quickly retreat. If a Srilyk has felt mistreated in times past, he will be super sensitive to offense, having developed a sort of barrier.

The best thing to do, if your Srilyk is one of those, is to be patient with him. A Srilyk can be well worth any effort!

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