Monday, January 29, 2007

Well that's useful!

I just found out I can have my school e-mail just forward my mail to my srilyk one.

And with gmail you can set your accounts up so they can send e-mail from any account you own, so I can get and send e-mail as srilyk, but pretending I'm using my school account.

That's quite wonderful, I dare say.

In other news, I have 2.5 pages of a visual rhetoric paper to write for english, a math test wednesday, and a history test wednesday... part 1 of 2.

So we'll see what that's like. I hope it's not too crazy or anything... I think the math one should be straight forward, as well as the paper (oh the rough draft is due wed, the finished product is friday). I don't really know about the history one.

And now for something completely different, on our family e-mail list my cousin brought up the vilification of Hillary Clinton and was simply curious as to what basis there was. Well I didn't know any specific examples so I went out & looked for some info and found some. I don't agree with several of the ways she voted, but from just her political record she seems surprisingly... not horrid.

I still wouldn't vote for her.

Well, we'll see.

later tater.

hi A.K.


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