Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I am so seriously pissed off my rocker!

"Why?" you ask?

Simple. I'm supposed to have a 5 page draft for my writing 1310 assignment, and I DON'T HAVE HALF A PAGE YET!!!!

Nothing sounds right when I'm making a stupid introduction - and that's exactly what it is! Stupid! Nothing I write seems to make a single bit of sense! I think it's a total load of crap!

We're supposed to be writing about two short stories and the culture change, or diaspora. If I had a way to interpret culture that didn't sound like a complete load of garbage, I'd be able to write something. But I can't. Nothing that I have sounds like anything but a bleeping load of bleeping bleepity bleep bleep!!!

I cannot define culture! And in saying that I define it, and it's bull droppings! My problem isn't in the stories, or the writing, or composition - it's the whole flipping introduction and all that whole idea as it pertains to the stories. I don't know HOW I want to interpret these stories, and that's my problem.

What's a unique way of looking at them? I don't freaking know! I can't even look at them with the ideals of someone else. Stupid paradoxes coming out of my mind are so frustrating. I want to go break something or SOMETHING until I release this severe frustration that writing this has so totally and utterly FAILED to release.


good night.




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