Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hey-sanna, Ho-sanna

So last night... well it's 1AM and I'm referring to around 7 PM,

I watched Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a really interesting musical piece - I really don't know for sure how it ended - I was totally tired and fell asleep. It was decent, but unless I'm wrong, it tried to portray Him as just a man (at least it sure did all of what I watched).

Also, I feel kinda sick... and I'm very sore - but that happens when you fall asleep at really weird angles on the couch. My back is pretty much ready to die.

Slightly more disjointed facts - we went to the pool for about 30 minutes yesterday... and then there was thunder, so we had to get out. Laaame. So at 6 PM we came back home, I put in Superstar and fell asleep near the ending.

Man... I'm hungry and my whole back is really sore. I need a massage.

Well, I think maybe I'll do something, perhaps sleep or eat or something.

But I'm done here...

Sanna, Sanna, Hey!


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