Monday, September 10, 2007

Silly Things

The other day I heard of something rather interesting...

A friend of mine who's still in highschool had a boyfriend. Said boyfriend dumps her because he's graduating next year and going to college. Tells girl, "I'll take you back if you graduate early and come to college with me."

Girl now decides she's going to graduate early so she can go to college with him.

Now, before you go to thinking that's terribly sweet of her... Let's stop and think for a minute and decode this transaction. We'll go to the meaning behind the words and actions...

Guy: "Yes, I'm going to withhold love from you. I really don't understand that withholding love is a sign that a) I don't really love you or b) I'm really going to become abusive either in word or deed. Or both."

Girl: "I'm so afraid that no one will love me, after all, I'm terribly worthless and ugly. I'm afraid of being alone, but you say if I jump through hoops for you, I'll be loved by you and I believe that"

Now, you may call me cynical, which may be true, but I prefer (when I'm not married to someone) to expect the worst because I'll only be pleasantly surprised. Sadly this encounter does not surprise me.

Do you think I'm mistaken or just plain wrong? Please leave your comments and suggestions...

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Anonymous Olive said...

I thinks it's funny that he's telling her he's dumping her BEFORE he even graduates. But let's not forget that he'll oh so graciously TAKE _HER_ BACK if and only if she agrees to graduate early and diss all HER friends for HIM and go to college with HIM. Sounds like a selfish bastard to me and I don't even know him. And I didn't think for one second that it was "terribly sweet of her". I thought poor her. Because she will have changed her enitre life with it's likes and dislikes to satisfy some relationship (where we already know that the guy is not commited to her) that will not last past her freshmen year of college because he will think himself a college stud or something and dump her faster than you can say self gratification.

I think you hit the nail on the head with your meaning. But I think he knew what he was doing when he gave her that "choice" because I think he thought that she wouldn't want to give up her friends and go through all the hassle of trying to graduate early. I think that he thought he was getting out of a "relationship" with the thought of....College girls here I come.

And yeah, you're probably right on her thinking process. Because, you know, isn't that what ALL girls think? ...:: blinks:: Isn't it?

You are not cynical. More of a realist. I myself may be a somewhat of a novelist...rofl..ok maybe not..but I like to believe in what I write and try to be like that. Doesn't alawys work. Truthfully, seldom if ever works, but I still try. At least I haven't done or been in this situation.
But this is all just my opinions, so either take them or leave them. I don't really care. : )

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