Thursday, November 15, 2007

Education, Learning, Whatever Could This Mean?

So, on a certain blog, there are some negative aspects of what is learned or, perhaps more accurately, isn't learned in the school system.

Ok, so public school has problems. Now what?

Well, what should happen and what can happen are two different things entirely.

The educational system in this country is severely broken. As j. points out,
Doing well in school or being happy at school doesn’t equal getting an education.

Of course, we first must identify what we want to get out of an "education". Without knowing the end result, trying to fix the process is an exercise in futility.

My ideal scenario for education is that there are different types of education, such as skilled trade (for instance, painter, or other craftsman), engineer types (programming, electric, etc), and then the more philosophical type.

Later I'll talk about what the different schools would teach.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Logan.
I pretty much agree; school is kind of nutty. Any organization that keeps you locked up for 12 years and then gives you a test to measure intelligence and allows the TEST to be a greater indicatior of what you have learned than your grades and participation (or furthermore, what you do with that knowledge later on) is pretty rediculous. (That said, I'm still sending my kids to public school. haha.)

But the reason I REALLY started writing this was to ask you why your pants are on fire.
So why are they?

10:45 PM  

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