Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Girls, Don't Cry!

Fat. <cue MJ's music>

Yep, we all got it, some in greater quantities than others. I've noticed, though, that some (read many) girls tend to think that because they're fat this somehow makes them ugly.

Girls, I have news for you.

Anyone who has told you that being fat makes you ugly is one of two things. Or both. Stupid or a liar.

The fat content of your body (up to severe obesity that's really creepy - the same goes for anorexia. Creeped out!) has little to do with your attractiveness.

No, my Spanish Galleons, your attractiveness is determined the same way anyone else's is - and it's not your waist size. Your confidence, and your health. If you can walk 5 miles or run one, what does it matter if you're size 70billion. I know people who are size minus one, and they can't walk to the car without stopping for breath. That's not healthy.

So gals, get out there, run, walk, ride a bike, whatever you do. Get healthy, and feel good. Dress to flatter your body. Apple? Pear? Rotund? Portly? Whatever your shape, dress your body how it should be dressed. I don't wear a dress (even if it would flatter me [the sad thing is I'm not joking, but don't worry about that] I prefer things that do a little more to emphasize my masculinity.) and you shouldn't wear things that don't work well on you.

So... in closing, a little review.

1) Exercise - if you can walk 5 miles or run 1, or bike 15, and it doesn't exhaust you, you're probably pretty good, if you do the aforementioned activities at least 3 times a week

2) Dress for Success - you're beautiful ladies, dress the part!

3) Be confident - You can probably out-run, out-walk, and out-bike over 50% of fellers out there (if you did #1) and you look better (#2) than 50+% of them, too.

And please, quit saying you're fat like you have cancer. Seriously, it's not that bad!

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Anonymous the one who tries talking to you at the wrong times... said...

awh! thank you! also, i just want to let you know that while i was typing this, there was a commerical on for surgery for that type of thing. they should go eat toilet waffles. honestly.

11:13 PM  

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