Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Broken Butterfly

One day on my journey,
Lost in my own thoughts,
I came across a butterfly,
laying there,
bruised and broken.

To pass her by?
No, perhaps she'll die.

Shaken from my reverie,
I lifted her quite tenderly.

I gave her nectar and straightened her wings,
and a soft place to sleep, and other things.

To show her thanks,
she stayed with me,
her graceful flight,
lifted my spirit.

Her beauty and kindness
captured me.
Her sweet caress
comforted me.

The joy she brings,
as she wings,
bright colors flashing,
and now I'm smiling.

On that day when I came across a butterfly,
how glad I am that I did not pass her by.

©WW, 12/6/2007

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