Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pain... lots and lots of pain.

So... yesterday, now, I think I compressed my spine on the diving board at the pool. It hurt and was sore... but nothing worse than I've had. And then I went to sleep.

And then, about 12-12:30am, I woke up. In pain. Excruciating pain. Pain worse than I have ever had. Pain so bad that it hurt to sit where I was, and it hurt to move. It took me almost 10 or 15 minutes to be able to get out of bed. I couldn't turn on a side without being crippled by waves of pain washing over my body. I was indeed wracked, no matter how I turned. I finally figured that I could bend my legs okay, and so I shuffled down to the foot of my bed, and was able to sit up.

It was not easy and it wasn't very fun. Well, other than the learning new things kind of fun. The rest of my body and mind is telling me that I'm retarded for thinking such blasphemy. Well, I was able to sit and stand, though it took a lot of concentration. Then I was able to shuffle a tote I have in my closet, to reach the one beneath. Why did I need that, you ask? Inspiration struck and I realized I had a back brace (for lifting heavy things at work) and a belt for weight lifting - one of those huge leather jobbies. Well, I got those out and cinched them as tight as tight could be. That held off a lot of the pain, and I was able to sit up and eat some food and walk around.

But I'm completely unable to sleep. I can't lay down, but luckily we have a recliner type couch in the living room. But I can't get to sleep, so I decided I'd come and write about my pain, thinking that I might be tired as I end this.

But sadly, that's really not the case.

I'm in pain.

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Anonymous Jessie said...

I'm sorry. I got your text last night, texted back, fell asleep, woke up, texted you again, then fell back asleep. I'm sorry you're in pain. Going to go to the doctor to make sure you didn't hurt yourself more than you think? Maybe you should. I'm at work now. Blah. lol Later.

6:34 AM  
Blogger brandie pingel said...

aww man that totally sucks. and yes i was asleep when u tried to call last night, im sorry.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I might fall off the empire state building into a giant pool...
my mind has left the building....
i hate your little bro.
read his myspace

12:29 PM  
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