Friday, July 27, 2007

Weird Dreams of Many Things

So I had this incredibly weird dream last night. I was a wizard, a la Harry Potter, actually, I had his wand... and for some reason Hagrid, and some girl were trying to capture me and some other girl. Well, I can't remember what we did, but we escaped and got to this hideaway. Turns out it was part of this mansion that they were staying at with a whole bunch of other people. This girl that I thought at first was Hermoine, but wasn't, was pretty much trying to kill me or keep me prisoner or something. Well somehow she got my wand, but then I went into this room and the Malfoys and Bellatrix Lestrange were there, but this girl had taken all their wands. Well they made the unbreakable vow that they would love me and protect me forever (weird, huh?) so I'd give them their wands back. I defeated this girl and got my gold back. It was a really really really strange dream last night.


Well, the first day of our family reunion went fairly well... A little (and when I say a little) I mean a lot rushed and really crazy and what-not. We went to a planatarium here and watched "Extreme Planets"!!11one@!!!2!1!!

It was fairly decent, I learned a few things about how you can find planets without seeing them. It was pretty cool. Also, I believe that the oxygen wavelength is 435nm. I'm really curious if you could make an oxygen laser. That would be rather crazy, methinks. But it would be an oxygen laser! Sweet!

Some other random stuff. We ate at Applebee's and that was pretty good but they don't have the Applebee's burger anymore - a half pound of burgery goodness. Sad, I know.

After that we went to Target and got some water and then went to my Aunt Wilma's house (we're staying at a neighbors - two doors down) where we hung out with some cousins. I stayed up till about 10 MST reminiscing about mission things and whatnots with my cousin.

Then I came "home", called B and talked to her till we fell asleep. Then I had that really weird dream. Then I woke up and took a shower - this shower is so cool! It has two faucets! That's right, two! Isn't that awesome?I thought so anyway.

So I took my shower and then I got on my lappy and started writing this. Do you know what's really weird. This house has no wireless internet, and no high speed internet. Dial-up is it. If it even has internet. Isn't that weird? I thought so anyway. So hopefully my uncle's house has wireless, or at least somewhere I can plug my lappy in and get on his network. Because seriously - no internet? I mean, how FUBAR(Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition) is that?

Well... here's hoping. Also, food time happens in about 10 minutes, so I'm gonna go over and see if there's some 'net access so I can check my e-mail and what-nots.

Well, that's all for now.

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