Monday, September 24, 2007

Done With People...

I'm not doing so hot in school right now.

Why? Because one of my teachers sucks a little, one sucks a lot, and one is pretty good. And I try to interact with people.

In the spring semester of college I got a 4.0. Why? Because I didn't have any friends. They were all dead or had moved away. And I had two days a week to do homework and it worked out pretty well.

Now? Insert major suck-fest here, please.

People I care about and try to please. Trying to actually develop relationships.

And honestly? I'm kinda sick of it. I give to people and what do I get in return? I get ignored for guys who are worse jerks than me. Or times that I have homework I have to do, that's when everyone wants to talk. And so I ignore my homework because I'd rather spend time with people I think care about me.

But then when I need someone to care about me?

Mmmm... ignored, mistreated, or really whatever. It's all SORTS of fun, let me tell you... NOT.

So... please leave me so I can be a whiny emo kid and actually get some work done.


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