Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Whirlpool blackness
sucking me deeper
down this hole
where light will not go

My Trust betrayed
My thoughts unsaid
My mercy stayed
My wounds unhealed

My selfishness
My wounded heart
My fears
My weakness

My suffering
My wrenching pain
My loss and madness
My greif and sadness

All these things
are Yours.


Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Don't know when or where I'm going logan. I'm waiting for my call though, so we can expect about 3-4 months, but maybe not.

We'll see, and I'll definatly be calling you, Pamela, Jake, and really everyone else, lol.

well, I'm up awefully early so I"m going to the bathroom and probably back to bed. goodnight!

Monday, June 28, 2004

Well, short post tonight

Yes Jessie, that was a really weird dream. And I'm jealous. Lol.


No, I don't hate my life... just certain aspects make me unhappy. Or at least influence me in that direction. and that's a royal pain.

I try not to make anyone unhappy, because that's not very nice. And I like to listen to people when they have a beef. I bet she really did at least kind of miss her parents. I think I would. But I don't know.

Also Logan, remind me to talk to you about your dream.


p.s. jessie! you need to update your blog! :-P

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Why do guys have to be so dumb? I know this probably sounds egotistical of me...

But seriously, all guys except for me are pretty darn stupid!

All they want is some booty. It's pretty sad. I mean, a lot of guys could be really good guys. And great for women.

Okay, well, I'll amend that statement, I know a few guys who aren't... but for the most part... stupid. Major jerks.

I mean, they're usually pretty nice, but they can't keep themselves in check. I don't know, whatever. Anyways, they're stupid. Does anyone have a baseball bat I can borrow?


I'm just wandering down this road
I just know where I want to go

But I don't who will be there
or who is coming with me

I just keep on walking
and get up when I've fallen
I keep on movin on down the road

Life knocks me down
but I get back up

pushin ahead
movin on


I don't know when this journey ends
I just hope that it's with some friends

I just keep on walking
and get up when I've fallen
I keep on moving down the road

I keep on moving
keep on moving
{repeat till fade out}


Saturday, June 26, 2004

I love classical music. And girls. lol. Yeah. Oh... and food... salt & vinegar chips, bacon cheeseburgers, fries... salads, mmmm, scrummy.

Jessie has some totally weird dreams.

So my cousin Scott got married today to his girlfriend Amber. That was cool. I went to Jared & Jasons after and we hung out for a short while, then came home.

Currently I'm feeling... well, I was feeling lonely. I think I still kinda am. I might try Jessie's cell to see if she's off work yet to talk to her. Because that will be happy.

This feeling I just can't shake
my lonely soul longs for friends
in my heart this pain awakes

I feel no love from those I should
do I try as hard as I could
Perhaps I don't and it's my fault

But that doesn't much change how I feel
the pain is here, and it's too real
but I'll be good, eventually

and I know
it will be OK.

p.s. did that suck? or was it cool? You probably know how to get ahold of me if you're reading this, so let me know. I just wrote it down and I don't know... I don't know if I'm really pleased with it. So let me know if you liked it. thanks.

Friday, June 25, 2004

I love drawing anime. I should really scan & post some of my drawings :-p

I'm just too lazy, bad me.

What in the world is it with Lara Croft? I mean... I played the game and the only possible attraction that existed was that she's well endowed. But that wasn't exactly a drawing point for me, so I didn't like the game that much. I've played /tons/ better. I don't know.. .maybe it's just me.


my powers are more 1337 than I imagined!!!

me: just took a shower
girl logged out


-this random post has been brought to you by the letters c, r, a, z, and y-


I just woke up... tired, oh so tired... i need a shower

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Well, work today was pretty crazy...went in at 7 AM, and attempted to get some custom frames logged in. They might be done by today, with any luck. By today I mean tomorrow. Lol. I think I'm going to draw some more anime, and do some work on folds & wrinkles. It's rather sad how my blog entries have become rather short as of late. Hm. Oh well.

ttyl - Wayne

Monday, June 21, 2004

It's so sad when people don't update their blogs, especially when you never talk to them!

Also, I have to work today :-P bleh.

ttyl - Wayne

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Today I cleaned my room some, then mowed a lawn, and then went to band practice, which was fun. Except my finger (ring) was cut yesterday at work so I couldn't play guitar very well, which was sad. But practice was still fun.

After practice, Jake and I went skating, which was fun. He's getting quite a bit better with his ollies.

After skating we went to see Lucero at Vino's (Kate came too), and they were awesome. But I smell like smoke and that's nasty.

Then we went back to jakes & talked till kates dad picked her up. Then I came home and I need a shower, but I don't know if I"ll take one. Oh well. ttyl - Wayne

Friday, June 18, 2004

It's sad that I update my blog way more often than my friends. And I don't update that often

Broken Saints is totally awesome! (I just finished chapter 5)

I'm going to grab some scrummies and eat them. Then I might watch more BS. Hm...


Thursday, June 17, 2004

Now this article is totally awesome. The AMA is honouring a physician from Poland, who, during WWII Faked a typhus epidemic with another physician, causing the Germans to quarentine 12 villages, saving an estimated at least 8,000 lives. Now that's something to feel good about, eh?


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Okay, well, I"m back from everything. I went to work, then went to Logan's house, that was fun. We talked and her mom chopped us some melons & made some grilled cheese sammiches. Scrummy! Then I went to institute which was totally awesome. Plus cool people were there, Rachelle, Dijon, Robyn, Jessie(Not the other blog Jessie), Sarah... and anyone else I forget to mention. It was way awesome...

I'm going to check for some new swaps then go potty and then call Rachelle! w00t!

ttyl - Wayne

Help! I'm addicted to gmail swapand I can't get off!

And now I"m off to work :(

later folks

Monday, June 14, 2004

One of those messages is from me. I called last night around 5 or something. I've gotta head out to work now (right after I eat) so I'll be home later and update stuffs.


Sunday, June 13, 2004

Yeah, Jessie hasn't written anything lately. She might be dead. And that would be sad.

And I haven't talked to TG in a while either. And that's sad too.

I just saw the movie "What Women Want", it was a pretty good movie. I reccomend it. There were some nudie scenes (oh my) so... yeah, whatever.

Today was Stake Conference, and that was good. I got to see some of my friends. I sortof met Sarah Palmers fiancee. Hehe... that's really funny to me. Ah well, I'm glad she's getting married. Mark off one girl from the eligible pool. If they keep it up, I won't even get married... they'll all just marry themselves off.

Yeah, so I'm probably selfish, oh well. I'll get over myself.

Robyn and I went hikking the hill today (Pinnacle Mountain... it's a hill), and that was fun. Then she dropped me off at my house, I got cleaned up and we went to my sister's (Christy) Patriarchal Blessing, and that was cool too.

Well, more later, later - wayne

Saturday, June 12, 2004

I woke up this morning. Wow. Heh. Then I watched some TV and swept the kitchen floor. Now I have to go take a shower and leave for work in 15 minutes. Sadness. Oh well. I'll be back around 9-9:30 tonight.

See ya.

Friday, June 11, 2004

You know... I really like 3 Doors Down. I'm listening to Here Without You, and it goes well with Lucero - My best girl, and really how I'm feeling.

I might write something about it...

Yeah, so band practice was awesome. Then me & Jake went skateboarding, and that was too. Pamelas mom needs to cease with the protectiveness. Oh well.

So yeah, I'm listening to the song from Truman Show - Dreaming of Fiji

yeah, well I'm dreaming of fiji... Like.. yeah. Well. Stuff. Things are OK... could be better. I might go to sleep... unless someone talks to me or something. I don't know. ttyl - Wayne

Yeah, so I just finished cleaning the carport and mowing the lawn, and doing a few exercises. My endorphins are rushing and I'm feeling goooooood :-D

And I took a shower, so I feel clean /and/ good. Mmmmmm. I'm getting my stuff packed up for band practice at jakes now, w00t!

Oh if anyone wants to send me, say a package of guitar pics... e-mail me at and I'll give you my address. (see, I'm a poor starving musician...)


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Okay, work kinda was okay. It was only Jennifer and Me till 3PM, then Jennifer went home... it was me till 5... then Paul came in, even though he wasn't scheduled (I was only scheduled till 5, but I worked anyways), then Robyn and Shabby came in at 6 so I went to go harrass Logan... but she totally forgot, appearantly, so I came home. Claire barked at me. Then I left and went to my house. (Yes, I'm aware I grammatically raped those last sentences [hah, now Pamela can't read my blog, lol]). Yeah, well anyways. So I got home. Played a little guitar. Then we (Dad, Me, Rebecca, Christy, and Timothy) went to eat at Mi Burrito. It's not bad. I still prefer Lolita's and Cancun's. Tomorrow is band practice at Jake's, w00t! Also, I may go play on the hill (Pinnacle Mountain, but it's really a hill, according to my 7th grade social studies book.) with Robyn, and maybe in the rain, depending on whether or not it rains.

Anyways, so after we got back, I kept trying to get Java working on my computer. Well.. it /works/ but ldschat didn't work. Of course, I really prefer that people would chat at LDSirc because they have IRC access... ah well. Whatever. I'm drinking water, and talking to people right now. Tomorrow before I go to band practice I'm supposed to clean the carport out :-p



Yes I do write... I find it's a much more healthy release. I didn't used to... but there was a girl who changed that... Her name was Kate. I decided to try and write something for her. And she liked it (or at least said she did) and now I like to write. Poems mostly.

You know, people find release in different ways. And most of the people _I_ like find that release by cutting themselves. That's not something I understand very well. Maybe it's because I'm a chicken... I don't know.

Life has knocked me down
thrown me to the ground

my emotions are running wild
I try to hold on, stay sane
but I feel just like a child

I can't control these urges
I fight to keep them in cages

My release hurts those I love
My pain I put in others hearts

But I can't stand it
So I do it

I'm sorry
so sorry.

-Wayne Werner

If that means something to you, please, keep it and read it.

On another note... Not really, Jessie. The first lines were the significant ones.


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

You're getting closer to pushing me
Off of life's little edge
Cause I'm a loser
And sooner or later
You know I'll be dead

- Loser, Three Doors Down

Just as a side note.. the two cashiers I know who work at Wal-Mart get treated like... well something that's used. I really wish they'd get better jobs :-\ - W

Do you sometimes feel like giving up
that life is trying to throw you

It knocks you to the ground
and then it begins to pound

Things you thought were smooth
become rough and you start to lose

But if you fight it right
and stick it out

Then you'll find
That life's become kind

Again you're blessed
And all you've missed

is giving up.

Yeah, well I just wrote that... Kinda to sum up my thoughts for the day.

I worked, that was Ok. Then I went to hang out with Logan, and I met her nieghbor, he was pretty cool. Then I went back & played Zelda for Logan to watch. I really should have just gone to Institute... don't get me wrong, I had fun... but I missed institute, and that was way sad. And some other stuff... I think I need to get over... *sigh* I don't know why I expect people to know exactly what I need. When I love someone I just kinda get into that stupid mode, where I just expect they know what I need. And that's not very cool of me. :-\ So yeah, I think I may need to talk with a certain someone (Don't worry J, it's not you, lol). *sigh*. Ah well, I'm sure we'll make it. Or I will. Or something. bleh. I need to find someone to cheer up... but I don't know how good I'll be at doing that one... :-P


I fell asleep last night talking to j... whoops! Sorry :-P

and now I'm off to stupid work. lol.

bye bye - W

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm talking to Jessie on the phone right now. Fun stuff. lol. Nikki called me and let j talk. woohoo, lol. After work today I went to Barnes & Noble to hang with Logan and Missy. It was fun. Then I came home through the torrential downpour. Hm. Robyn and I may go play on pinnacle mountain on friday... which will totally rock, lol.

Yeah, I just played some harmonica and banjo... like 5 minutes of each.

Well, I'm off, still talking to J, lol. Later - W

Yes, I'm feeling better jessie, thank you. I'm not fully well... it's like... hovering in the back of my head, like waiting for a psycho customer or me to fall on my head or something. :-p

Yeah, I woke up a lot through the night... I kinda fell asleep with TG on the phone. Heh. I'm not sure if she stayed on or just hung up. Just in case I said goodnight before I woke up. I fell asleep because I had a massive headache and couldn't really think of something to talk about. Well, I could have, but it would've hurt, and I just wanted to sleep. Because sleep is good.

Btw, yes 7253 is the number. Signing was just a random occurance. I don't know. lol. Haha... man, Laken almost writes as much as j does ;) Oh, and Jessie, tell her that only _I_ can be psyc0, but it's ok if she's psycho, lol.

Hmm.. not much going on... I'll debate on whether or not I want to hang around in WLR until like 8 or something. Because if I do then I'll stay there and hang out with my friends who have this book club. Missy & Logan. I like them quite a bit... but right now I have to go potty, shower, then eat breakfast and go to work... so I don't think I"m going to talk to you (Jessie) much.

Now, I'm going... I was going to say I'll probably talk to you tonight, but you won't get off till late... so I might not. You don't have voicemail, do you?


Monday, June 07, 2004

man, I'm feelin... not good. I don't know if it's hungry or something. But when I look at th monitor I cant really focus. It's happened before. I'm going to lay down and probably sleep. I might talk to someone on the phone if they call, because I can do that with my eyes closed. (and you were right about what I said). And the only reason I got out of bed and posted was for you too.(you know who you are) - W

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Well, I'm home from church. We had lunch. Some yummy food, then I had some ice cream. TG wasn't home when I called, she's working, sadly. She's asposed to call me back when she gets home, but I don't know if I'll /be/ here when she does. I hope so. I really want to talk to her. I'm going to Jakes in a few hours. I"ll probably fall asleep there because I'm tired and I want to sleep anyways. lol.


oh yeah and I'm playing guitar.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Okay, so Jessie doesn't mind if I link to her blog. I got home from work just a few ago. I tried calling TG, but she wasn't home, then I proceeded through my list of numbers I have (including Jessie) but none were home, sadly. Or answering their phone, whichever. I just read Jessie's short but... sweet? blog post, lol. I have my guitar in my lap and an emptiness in my heart (because I want to talk to people, but no one is here). I'm sure I could go over and hoodlumize Chance's house again, but I'd probably end up staying till like... 5 AM.. and I want to be here for TG's call, assuming she does. :-P

I'm thirsty a bit... and hungry a bit too. But I don't have any food or drink here so I"ll starve. Actually I'll probably go down and get me some ice cream & water in a while. Work wasn't bad today... next week will be awesome... I'll only close on friday 1-9, the other 4 days I work I'll be off by 5 I believe every day. And that rocks. I don't know what Robyn is doing friday, other than work, but if possible I want to go hang out with her (Like climb Pinnacle Mountain, and then go to Cancun's Mexican Restaurant, since she owes me ;) :-D ).

Well, now I'm playing my guitar... and talking to Jake, so somethin interesting may happen. Goodnight (for now) and I'm out - W

Friday, June 04, 2004

Just got home from work at Hobby Lobby. I worked an hour extra so Robyn could go run off and have fun with her sister... I'm too nice. Ah well :-P lol. Hm... I'm thirsty some. I may see if chancery wants to do some hoodlumizing. It's been a while since we've gotten in trouble, I mean hung out.

Mmmm... I really want some water, lol.

ttyl - w

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Yay! I'm back home from work. Which is great. Heh. After we closed I called Logan's to see if she was at home or at her book club, and she was at her book club. So I go to Barnes & Noble, but she had left already, and that was sad. But Missy was still there so I hung with her & Sharon. I had a Jones soda too. It was yummy. So after that I came home. Then I read J's blog (when she reads this, she can let me know if she wants me to link her blog or not). Yep, I do remember the GBFS, heh. I kinda remember the Dragon Ring... I remember a lot of ketchup, lol. Yeah... I actually thought I had done something to offend Jessie, I think... I don't really remember those thoughts. Heh... it was always funny, (not in a humourous way) she never really seemed to believe I was really that nice and forgiving. Even when she lied and did all sorts of crazy stupid stuff... I was always ready to welcome her back. That's the way I've been with every girl in my past... but she's the only one who really ever came back. Sad, really. I could have had such great friends. It seems stupidity is the order of the day, sadly. OW! Man.. word of advice. Don't set an ice cream bowl on the jugular vein in your leg. It hurts like crazy! Too cold!

well... with that abrupt ending, I think it's time to put a close on /this/ little blog. -W

Oh great... lol, Now I'm going to have to write about J's blog I just read... or maybe let it go till tonight... but probably not, I bet I'll be half dead. Yeah, she's done some pretty dumb, crazy, stupid stuff. But you know what? I don't care because I'm a rather forgiving fella. There isn't a whole lot I don't forgive..But, I don't hang out with people while they're doing dumb stuff. I more or less tell them "Okay, you go do that dumb thing. I'll be here waiting for you to cry on my shoulder when you're done and your life is in shambles". I've actually said more or less that exact thing. I told her "I'll be here when you need someones shoulder to cry on. But I know you're going to get hurt".

Ah well... that's life. Anyways... I really am going to do something else now, honest...

okay, well, Not much is going on right now. I 'm talking to J right now. I think we got everything straightened out from the whole blog fiasco. From my POV it's kinda funny, at least now... I don't know if it is from hers, but I'll probably find out. I realised the other day, I'm a sucker for nicknames. I love nicknames. People I like I like to give & call 'em by their nicknames... it's kind of a status symbol for me. Just a special name that I call you. I wonder if anyone else is like that.

So how many people actually /read/ my blog? If you do, send me an e-mail at

Just remove the "REMOVE" from the e-mail address when you send. And if you feel like ranting about spelling, my stupidity, or simple life in general, go right ahead. I'd be glad to hear from you.

But right now, work (sadly but surely) calls me. Well, not quite yet, but there are some things I need to do yet. Also, I'm trying out googles gmail service, the 1 free gig of storage. Is that not kick butt or what??!

Google rocks. Teh periodness.