Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Education, Learning, Whatever Could This Mean?

So, on a certain blog, there are some negative aspects of what is learned or, perhaps more accurately, isn't learned in the school system.

Ok, so public school has problems. Now what?

Well, what should happen and what can happen are two different things entirely.

The educational system in this country is severely broken. As j. points out,
Doing well in school or being happy at school doesn’t equal getting an education.

Of course, we first must identify what we want to get out of an "education". Without knowing the end result, trying to fix the process is an exercise in futility.

My ideal scenario for education is that there are different types of education, such as skilled trade (for instance, painter, or other craftsman), engineer types (programming, electric, etc), and then the more philosophical type.

Later I'll talk about what the different schools would teach.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Howdy Earl!

So, my writing teacher, wonderful lady - bless her heart - but she pronounces URL "earl". She has her doctorate, and hence, very educated... but when she calls it an earl, it sounds like she's an illiterate hick.

This site (and various other ones) suggest that earl is a severely improper pronunciation.

Goodbye, Earl, Helloooooo U-R-L

p.s. I would be curious what they call it in the military, they tend to make up sounds instead of letters, i.e. hummer, heebo (HBO)... etc.


Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Girls, Don't Cry!

Fat. <cue MJ's music>

Yep, we all got it, some in greater quantities than others. I've noticed, though, that some (read many) girls tend to think that because they're fat this somehow makes them ugly.

Girls, I have news for you.

Anyone who has told you that being fat makes you ugly is one of two things. Or both. Stupid or a liar.

The fat content of your body (up to severe obesity that's really creepy - the same goes for anorexia. Creeped out!) has little to do with your attractiveness.

No, my Spanish Galleons, your attractiveness is determined the same way anyone else's is - and it's not your waist size. Your confidence, and your health. If you can walk 5 miles or run one, what does it matter if you're size 70billion. I know people who are size minus one, and they can't walk to the car without stopping for breath. That's not healthy.

So gals, get out there, run, walk, ride a bike, whatever you do. Get healthy, and feel good. Dress to flatter your body. Apple? Pear? Rotund? Portly? Whatever your shape, dress your body how it should be dressed. I don't wear a dress (even if it would flatter me [the sad thing is I'm not joking, but don't worry about that] I prefer things that do a little more to emphasize my masculinity.) and you shouldn't wear things that don't work well on you.

So... in closing, a little review.

1) Exercise - if you can walk 5 miles or run 1, or bike 15, and it doesn't exhaust you, you're probably pretty good, if you do the aforementioned activities at least 3 times a week

2) Dress for Success - you're beautiful ladies, dress the part!

3) Be confident - You can probably out-run, out-walk, and out-bike over 50% of fellers out there (if you did #1) and you look better (#2) than 50+% of them, too.

And please, quit saying you're fat like you have cancer. Seriously, it's not that bad!

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Chapel screamers

Spreading the word... Or something. Also a nice herd of cattle


The Chapel Screamers are an interesting... I don't know what. They come to UCA to the Memorial Chapel on campus, stand on the steps, showing pictures of aborted fetuses (in 4'x6' gory glory, if you please), screaming such delightful phrases as "I was saved in a whorehouse, in the midst of whores and sinners!" or screaming an girls who aren't... well, who knows. No sleeves? You're a whore who deserves hell-fire! Shorts? You're a slut, who's a firey temptress, and will burn in hell! Do you listen to rock, rap, or fornicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend? You're going to hell!

Doesn't that sound like fun, kids? Hooray!

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How to Catch a Srilyk

Srilyks are interesting creatures. In order to catch one, there are a few things one needs to do.

The first is you need to be interesting. Many ways of doing that, but you need to find out your own ways. Technology, music, outdoors, a love of learning. Those are some broad topics to get you started.

So then you come to the next part - it's called commitment.

A Srilyk will reciprocate when it comes to commitment levels. If you decide you want to spend an hour a week on Srilyk, he will most likely (if you interest him) spend an hour on you.

The more effort you put into your Srilyk, the more effort he will put into you. And remember, a Srilyk is a sensitive creature, and when shunned, will quickly retreat. If a Srilyk has felt mistreated in times past, he will be super sensitive to offense, having developed a sort of barrier.

The best thing to do, if your Srilyk is one of those, is to be patient with him. A Srilyk can be well worth any effort!

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Congratulations on your adoption of a new Srilyk! (pronounced: sril-ick)

If you are female, there are things you should know about as you care for your new Sril.

First, a Srilyk is a loyal creature. If you take proper care of him, he will be devoted to you until the end of the earth.

A Srilyk needs love and devotion to be happy and healthy. He has to see that his comments and suggestions are taken seriously. If you don't agree with them, make sure your Srilyk knows this. If you cannot fault his feelings, but you feel a different way, let your Srilyk know as soon as possible. Do not ignore your Srilyk!

Your Srilyk needs clear boundaries - shifting boundaries do not work with Srilyk. He will quickly leave if he senses inconsistency.

Do not take yourself seriously. Srilyk probably doesn't - and he doesn't take himself too seriously. It's alright. Really, it is.

Please taunt Srilyk. But only when he does something taunt-worthy, and it has to be really funny. If it's not, your Srilyk may retreat.

Be up front and honest with Srilyk. He will have problems if you're not. Also try not to exaggerate, without the clause: "Well, that's not quite true..." or some similar notation.

Srilyk has a sensitive bull-o-meter. He has no cow, he needs no bull. If he senses you are offering him bull, he will quickly withdraw.

There are many other quirks to each individual Srilyk. Get to know your Srilyk - with proper care and maintenance, your Srilyk will last a lifetime.

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Livin the library life

Monday, November 05, 2007


Whores and Hockey Players

So... someone asked if I was calling her a hooker in some past post.

Honestly I'm not 100% sure who the heck that post was about, but regardless...

I know... I'm pretty sure a total of zero hookers.

On the other hand, I know several girls who are loose with their morals. Two different, things.

One searches for love in all the wrong ways in all the wrong places, the other sells herself to guys who are searching for love in the wrong ways and the wrong places.

Well, I've got math soon, so that's all for now.

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Used and Abused.

So... I have a slight issue, I suppose. A question to pose, if you will. Of a type and sort.

I've noticed that I've had the singular experience of being used by very nearly every girl that I've been in contact with.

Why do I say that (especially since some of them even read this)?

Simple. I am almost always just used for my empathy. When someone is feeling down or depressed, or someone has wronged her, I'm there, as a listening ear. Sometimes I tend to know how she feels, because I've been through a similar circumstance.

So I console her in her grief, and help her understand, and all that good stuff.

Then guess what?

Yep, I'm left to the dogs. Friends? Huh, who needs me, when they have their abusive ex? Who needs me when they have their self hatred? Who needs me when they have masquerade friends? (You know, the kind who all wear masks that says they care, but they really are more worried about their own desires)

It's pretty lame. Also it's very hard for me to trust because of that. Or rather, I trust perfectly fine - I trust that if I offer you a shoulder to cry on, the second whomever hurt you offers his shoulder again, you're on it like white on rice. Or those jerks who make no effort for you...

So where does that put me? Because I'm seriously sick of it all. I suppose I could just go be a hermit in the mountains somewhere. But with my luck I'll probably end out getting eaten by a mountain lion. Actually, no, it wouldn't bother eating me, it would just tear my heart out.


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Momspit? That's... Odd, to say the least!

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Friendly Friends

So... in addendum? To some other post I've made, or possibly just whatever, I really don't know.

I've never been one who made friends easily. I think part of it was a lack of confidence, and the other part is people seem to already have friends.

I can honestly say that I don't know of a time that I've been anyone's best friend. Ever. The only one that I may have been was this kid AJ that I knew when I was way young (i.e. < 6 years old).

But since then... I haven't been anyones best friend, and my best friends have been girls that ended out either thinking I'm a huge jerk, or turns out they were huge jerks.

It's been rather depressing.

Right now? I don't have anyone that I could really call a friend. Oh, sure, some of you are friends and I talk to you and maybe even think you're neat. And beyond that, maybe you even think I'm neat.

But you live too far away. I can't just run across the street and there you are, or ride my bike over to your house.

That depresses me, muchacho. Or however that's supposed to be spelled.

I just want a friend.

And by friend, I mean girl friend, because seriously I don't like hanging out with the guys, usually. Mainly because they're total jerks.


That's all, just meh.

Oh and btw, Happy B-day Geekheart!


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